About SAFE


Making Bangladesh Safer

A non-profit organization called Safety Assistance for Emergencies (SAFE) seeks to aid Bangladeshi emergency victims and others affected by natural & man-made disasters.

SAFE has been working to help those affected by floods, cyclones, and other man-made or natural catastrophes since it was founded in 2001. Additionally, SAFE seeks to inform the general public about safety awareness, emergency preparedness, and response. The charity also works to provide disaster victims with medical and psychological support.

Safety Assistance For Emergencies (SAFE) is registered as a trust in 2001 under Trust Registration Act 1882 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Our main strategy is to establish a common platform to collaborate with institutions that share similar goals in order to prevent accidents, illnesses, and deaths brought on by unsafe behaviors and natural disasters, to promote safety, health, and environmental issues, and to assist people in preventing, preparing for, and dealing with emergencies.




Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is principally accountable for promoting SAFE’s objective to the pertinent parties. In addition, the Board of Trustees adopts broad policies that aid in the selection, planning, execution, and ongoing progress of projects. The SAFE Board of Trustee consists of:

Vice Chairman

Vice Chairman