Two Decades of Saving lives


Since 2001


Safety Assistance for Emergencies (SAFE) is a non-profit organization that works to assist victims of natural disasters and other emergencies in Bangladesh. Since its inception in 2001 SAFE works to provide emergency relief to those affected by floods, cyclones, and other manmade or natural disasters. SAFE also aims to educate the public on safety awareness, disaster preparedness, and response.

Our Services

SAFE is working for 2 decades in the safety and rescue sector of Bangladesh

Emergency Support and Rescue

Quick response in time of Emergencies and disasters. 

Disaster Relief

Sharing assistance, relied , care and love for the people in need.

Making a Safer Workplace Environment

Making workplace safer and comfortable for professionals.

Firs-Aid & EMS

Providing First Aid support in programs, organizations, festivals.

Adventure and Sports Safety

Proving support to make sure the adventure and sports sactor is more safer now. 


Organizing training related to Safety and Firstaid


In 1999, a group of young volunteers banded together to protect the human lives from post flood devastation in Bangladesh by providing emergency medical services and safety assistance related to health, food, shelter. Immense response and early success of this voluntary initiative facilitated to form Safety Assistance For Emergencies (SAFE) as an organization aiming at helping people to avoid, prepare for, and to cope with emergencies in a sustainable way. Today, after a decade, SAFE is a well-known and recognized not-for-profit organization in emergency medical response, dealing with a range of safety, health and environment issues contributing to overall safety situation in Bangladesh.


Making Bangladesh Safer.


Save lives by avoiding accidents, illnesses, and fatalities caused by naturally occurring disasters, unsafe workplace and community practices, and traffic accidents through awareness, educational campaigns, emergency response, training, and advocacy in a sustainable manner.